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    Bamtino’s Terms

    Bamtino is here to promote connections between furniture hunters and makers.

    If you’re hunting, please: 

    • Only post projects if you have genuine intent in getting the piece of furniture made. You’re not bound to award the project if none of the quotes appeal to you, but Bamtino will be in touch if you’re a “repeat offender” of posting projects without getting anything made. It takes the makers a significant amount of time to post considered bids, please keep that in mind.
    • Be realistic about your budget and requirements. If you’re unsure, please email us at We’re more than happy to help, always.
    • Make sure your project brief is as detailed as possible. Photos of similar projects that have inspired your vision are crucial. Dimensions are key. Material preferences and finishes you like are really helpful. If you give more detail from the outset, you won’t need to answer as many questions from the makers.
    • This goes without saying… but treat the makers and their craft with respect. Bamtino is not here to promote cheapness at the expense of quality, so bear that in mind as you interact with makers. They must treat you with the same respect.
    • Don’t be sneaky. It is a breach of Bamtino’s rules to try and go around the platform to deal with the maker directly for payment, if the initial connection was made through Bamtino.


    If you’re a maker, please:

    • Only bid on projects you genuinely want to work on. If a client awards you a project, you are obliged to complete it to the budget and timeframe you committed to in your quote.
    • Be realistic about your quote and delivery date. You cannot change these once the project has been awarded to you unless the client requests significant changes to the original brief. All additional costs and specifications must be updated on the project brief at
    • Don’t over commit to multiple projects. Remember that if you’re awarded a project you are obliged to complete it.
    • Bamtino is committed to quality. Make sure you always are too. Bid on projects you have the expertise to complete to an extremely high standard.


    If you play nice, we will too: 

    • Bamtino takes your privacy very seriously. We won’t share any of your personal information without your consent.
    • We won’t spam you with bad emails.
    • We’re here to help. If you ever have any questions/comments/complaints, or if you want to report misuse or abuse of the system, please email: