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    My work aim is to transform old furniture & wood into extraordinary, new pieces. Some of my pieces celebrate natural ‘imperfections’, defects, and signs of wear.  I love that a piece of old discarded furniture has its history engrained into it; when I re-work a piece of furniture or wood, I give it a new lease of life.

    As a seven year-old I had my own tool kit. I’d spend hours just playing around with off-cuts from a local joinery shop. Woodworking is still my passion, I love the process from start ’till finish. It’s a cliché, but the inspiration for my work comes from within; my friends & family, and life experiences have all shaped the way I work and what I make. ‘Re-using what we have’ is the philosophy at the centre of all my work.

     In a world where choice is paramount this limitation of using what is cheap, readily available and sustainable is liberating. Finding a use or meaning where it is not necessarily obvious.


    My work covers a broad range from gallery exhibitions, one off commissions to restaurant fit outs.






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